The best way to learn about ERGO is to use it.  That's why we provide everyone with a fully-functional demo for sixty days.  The next best way is to see ERGO in action through an introductory video.

Supported Receivers

Key Features

ERGO is integrated software for radio listeners.  It provides fully-integrated receiver control, database and propagation information - all in one package.

ERGO allows you to control either one or two receivers, and link these to station databases and propagation information.  This way, you can scan the bands and the database will show you what you might be hearing, the map will show you where the signals are coming from, and the propagation chart estimates the best times for listening.  Or, you can scan the database and the receiver will follow along.  Or, you can click on the map and check what to expect from propagation conditions from the selected location.  Or, you can listen to a station on one receiver, and check other frequencies with the second receiver.

You can also remotely control a receiver over your local area network, or over the Internet.  To enhance your use of older receivers, ERGO even contains DSP audio filters and noise reduction tools.

If your computer is online, as many are these days, ERGO continuously updates space weather conditions, so that the propagation tools reflect current conditions automatically.  ERGO also updates itself when new features or changes become available.

You can create your own databases, and import/export data from many formats.  Also, we provide customized versions of two popular databases, and you can import your copy of ILGRadio directly.

Ergo now interfaces with SDR-Radio and Ham Radio Deluxe software. This means you can combine Ergo's control, data and propagation features with support for software defined radio and digital modes.

AOR AR3030, AR5000, AR7030, AR8200
Collins HF-2050
Cubic R3030
Drake R8, R8A, R8B
Flex Signature Series (SmartSDR CAT)
Harris RF590A
ICOM R75, R8500, R9000, R9500, Generic
ICOM 746, 756, 7000, 7600, 7700, 7800
Kenwood R-5000, TS440
Kenwood TS570, TS870, TS2000, TS590S
Japan Radio NRD525, NRD345, NRD535, NRD545, JST245
McKay Dymek DR333
MicroTelecom Perseus CI-V
Racal 6790
Rhode & Schwartz EK890, EK895
Ten Tec RX320, RX340, RX350, RX400, Orion
Watkins Johnson 8711, 8712, HF1000
Yaesu FT100D, FT767, FT1000, FT950, FT2000, FTDX3000, FTDX5000, FTDX9000, FRG100, VR5000

Ergo interfaces with HDSDR, SDR-Radio, Flex Radio SmartSDR CAT, ELAD FDM-SW2 and Ham Radio Deluxe Software. See our FAQ for a list of SDR and other radios you can control with Ergo by interfacing with these other programs.

Additional information about connecting to these receivers through the serial port is provided in the Help File.  ERGO also supports serial connections through USB-Serial adaptors.