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ERGO 4 Demo Package

Contains complete ERGO 4 installation.  ERGO4.ZIP is approximately 11MB.   Download this archive, extract the files into a temporary directory, and run the SETUP.EXE program.  Download.

The demo package is the full program.  It will run for sixty days.  When you purchase the program, you do not need to install it again.  First time users, read the Quick Start Manual.

ERGO 4 automatically updates itself, so you should only have to install the program once.

HFCC Database

Download the current HFCC database, formatted for Ergo 4.   Just extract the contents of this archive into a separate folder (e.g. \Data\HFCC).   There is no need to use the wizard to import this data, it has already been formatted for use by Ergo 4, so just use "File|Open" command to run it.   The current file is the B04 schedule.  HFCC is a comprehensive Short Wave Broadcasting database.

ERGO 3 Legacy Products

We will not be doing any further development on ERGO 3, but will continue to make the program available to any customers who wish to use it.

For the Demo packages, download this archive, extract the files into a temporary directory, and run the SETUP.EXE program. If you already have our products installed, you can download only the components which have changed.  Simply extract the changed files to replace to existing files on your PC.  For more information about the current File Versions, see the ERGO Release Status page.

Product Contains File Version  
ERGO 4 Sixty Day Functional Demo Download
HFCC Data for ERGO 4 Shortwave Broadcast Database (B04) Download
ERGO 4 Data Manual Version 1 Draft January 20, 2003 Download
ERGO 4 SWBC Profiles Pre-assembled by Sam (Updated August 2004) Download
ERGO 4 Printed Manual As of June 14, 2004 Download
ERGO 4 Quick Start Manual Version 2.0 August 26, 2004 Download
ERGO 3 Legacy program (not demo) Download

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