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ERGO 4 is the next generation of integrated software for enhanced short-wave radio listening

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Key Features

Enjoy fully integrated short-wave receiver control, database, propagation and audio display and processing Control a receiver remotely over local area network or Internet, e.g. listen to your receiver from anywhere in the house, from the office, or on the road
Use the data wizard to create custom databases or logs, or import almost any database.  Highly customizable. Display RF signal strength and audio spectrum
Control a receiver from the keyboard or database. Reduce noise with built-in DSP noise reduction, autonotch and bandpass filters
Receive live updates of propagation information, including Solar Flux and K Index, and propagation forecasts Record audio direct-to-disk, including compressed formats.   Link the audio file to an entry in your database or log
Display signal path on a Mercator or customize Azimuthal Equidistant map centered on your location. Customize your display with floating and docking windows and toolbars
Evaluate propagation paths visually, including MUF and signal strength, as well as forecast and printout for any day, time or space weather conditions Simultaneous control of two supported receivers, local or remote.  Scan or profile groups of frequencies.

For a complete list of features (both production and beta) see the Beta page.

Supported Receivers

Drake R8B, R8A, R8 AOR AR7030 Japan Radio NRD545, NRD535, NRD525, NRD345, JST245 Ten Tec RX340, RX320, RX350
Collins HF-2050 ICOM R75, R8500, R9000, 746, 756 Kenwood R-5000, TS-440, TS570, TS870, TS2000 (rx only) McKay Dymeck DR333.
R&S EK890
Watkins Johnson HF1000, 8711, 8712 Cubic R-3030 Racal 6790
Yaesu FRG100, FT767, FT0000 (receive)   BETA:VR-5000, AOR AR3030, AR5000

Other Software Included

bulletERGO4NET automatically updates propagation information over the Internet, and displays it on your desktop.  Also synchronizes your PC clock.
bulletERGO4UPDATE checks for new program modules and installs them automatically.   It enables you to run the latest beta features, or roll back to the most recent production version.  This update feature means that you should only have to install the ERGO 4 package of programs once, and receive automatic updates after that.
bulletERGO4SERVER makes your receiver available over the network.

Ongoing Development Features

You are invited to download and use Ergo for sixty days, to get a good feel for what features are available at the present time.  New features and program improvements will be available on a regular basis.   Users have the choice of running the official releases, or trying the beta components as they are developed.  There is a separate mailing list of beta testers - see the Beta page.   Our current policy is to provide updates and additional program features at no charge to our existing customers.

Features under development include: more receivers, starting with the RX350; receiver memory management; frequency profiling and scanning; data extraction and reporting; unattended recording.  Plus, your ideas are always welcome.

Note to Existing ERGO 3 Users

ERGO 4 is a completely new program.  ERGO 3's data formats (DA3 files and DSI Paradox files) are not

Ergo 4 is available to existing Ergo 3 customers at no additional charge.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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