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Updated September 12, 2002

This is an FAQ that was used prior to the production release of Ergo 4.  It is not being updated.    The current Ergo 4 FAQ can be accessed under the Support section of our web site.

Q:  How do I configure my computer to work with DCOM?

A: Please download our DCOM application note here.

Q:  My Ergo 4 Beta stopped working on June 30, 2002 with a "BETA Expired" message.  What do I do?

A: My original plan was to finalize the first release by the end of June, so an "expiry date" was built into the Beta.  Please run ERGO4UPDATE and and the problem will be resolved by downloading a revised program file.   The ergo4beta.zip download contains the revised program file, as well.

Q:  When will the Beta end?

A: August.  We will release the first "production" version of E4 by September 30th.  New features will continue in beta, though.  You will have the choice of running the "beta" version if you want to experiment with the new features, or the "production" version if you do not.

Q:  Are there any issues with XP?

A: There should not be, but apparantly there are.

We got an XP Professional test computer running on February 15th, downloaded ergo4beta.zip, ran the program update, and got up and running without any problems.  We are now able to actively debug any issues reported by users.

Please see the XP Page for More Information.

Q:  How can I tell if I have the latest program version?

A: Just run ergo4update.exe.  While the main program has a specific version number, each component (other executables and DLLs, and support files) also have version numbers.  Running update checks your file version numbers against the master list on the update site, and provides you the latest version of each file in the Ergo 4 package.

If you want to know which version you are using, just check the About box in the EXE programs, or the About box for a specific receiver.

Q:  I have been having trouble getting the automatic update feature to work consistently?

A: I found a bug in the logic on February 3rd, and fixed it as of version of ergo4update.exe.

Here is what was going wrong. When update checks the FTP site, has to answer two questions:

(1) Was the update posted at a time later than the last update I downloaded?

(2) Are there actually updated files which are newer than the files on my machine?

The answer to Question 2 is the key one, because that will enable update to also replace files which have been erased on your machine. After answering Question 2, the update takes place.

The mistake I was making was saving the "update time" to the Registry immediately after Question 1. This meant that if the update failed (ftp failure, network failure, whatever), then we had already saved the "update time" but the update had not actually taken place. Then, if you tried the update again, ergo4update.exe would answer Question 1 and then close, blissfully unaware that there were actually out of date or missing files on your PC, because it never got to ask Question 2.

Anyway, I have changed the program logic in two ways: (A) The update time does not get saved to the Registry until after a successful update, and (B) Question 2 is always asked, regardless of the answer to Question 1, so that missing files are always replaced.

These changes are in effect as of version, and I think we have solved the puzzle. If you have been having trouble with the update, run Regedit, delete the following two keys in order to force the new version to download:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CreativexpressDEV\Ergo4\Config\Last Web Update

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CreativexpressDEV\Ergo4\Config\Last Web Update Time

Then run update, and all should be okay at that point.   (Don't forget, in oder for ergo4update.exe to update itself, ergo4.exe must run at least once after the update. If you are updating from within E4, this restart is automatic. If you are updating manually by running ergo4update.exe directly, you need to run E4 once before the new ergo4update.exe takes effect.)

Q:  When is it necessary to reset any receiver driver files?

A: Each receiver driver creates two files, with the file name being the same as the name you gave the receiver, and the suffixes .CTR and .USR

The CTR file should be reset (erased) whenever a new driver is downloaded during the beta phase.  This can be done automatically from the "Beta" page in the Properties Box for the Main Program, by pressing the "Reset All Configuration Files" button with NO RECEIVERS RUNNING.

Q:  I am an ERGO 3 user.  How do I use the beta, and should I use it?

A: Beta software is still under development.  It has some bugs and is continuously chaning.  You should only use it if you are at least a little adventurous, and prepared to help with some debugging.

To use the Ergo 4 beta, just download ergo4beta.zip, extract the contents and run the setup program.  Ergo 4 does not interact with Ergo 3, and both can be on the same machine without any issues.  The only potential source of confusion is the need to remember that the database formats for E4 are different than those used in E3DSI.  However, data files used in E3 can be imported quickly into E4beta.

Q:  I am a registered user of ERGO 3, but when I try to run, ERGO 4, it tells me that it is only available to registered users.  Eh?

A: Sorry, there is one manual step before running ERGO 4.   Make a copy of your ERGOSN.DLL from the CD, and place it in the default ERGO 4 Beta program folder, which by default is C:\Program Files\CreativeExpress\ERGO4.  Then, restart ERGO 4.

Q:  I am not a registered ERGO customer.   How do I use ERGO 4 Beta?

A: You can't.  The Beta is just for existing ERGO users.

Q:  Does Ergo 4 work on the Macintosh computer?

A: Surprisingly enough, yes.  We have a couple of folks using both E3 and now E4 under emulation on the Mac.  See our main FAQ.

Q:  Why did you discontinue support for the HF1000?

A: We didn't.  We now have an alpha HF1000 driver available, which will also work with the WJ8711 and WJ8712.


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