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ERGO controls leading shortwave receivers and provides integrated support for the radio listening.  It provides a single, comprehensive package to control the Drake R8A and R8B, Japan Radio NRD535/D, AOR AR7030, TEN-TEC RX-320 and Watkins-Johnson HF-1000/8711A.

Product Features

ERGO has tons of features - we encourage you to download the demo and use the program for thirty days.  The program's functionality covers the full spectrum of control and knowlege required for today's shortwave listener:

bulletcontrol the receiver
bulletintegrate the receiver with data
bulletunderstand and benefit from radio wave propagation

Some of the main features are:

bulletcontrol of all supported receiver functions, plus a few we invented
bulletmanage memories
bulletcreate multiple databases to scan or tune the receiver
bulletdisplay signal strength
bulletscan and profile blocks of frequencies
bulletevaluate propagation to any location, for any date and time
bulletdisplay maps with signal path, terminator, auroral oval
bulletrecord and playback audio

Take a look at ERGO in Action!

Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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