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The picture below was taken while listening to Thailand using grayline
propagation.  The program windows function as follows:

bulletMain Window (Top Left).  ERGO is data-based and will also work
without a receiver attached.  The main window is used to create
and work with any number of ERGO DA3 data files, which you can
create either directly or by importing data from DSI.  Various
display panels above the data grid show details of stations,
propagation, forecasts, filtering and scanning.  Toolbars enable
quick selection of various views and editing features.  The
receiver can be tuned by clicking on a row in the data, or by
using the data for scanning.
bulletReceiver Control Window (Top Right). Each receiver has a
customized control window. Features include instant recall
of recently used frequencies, priority scanning and signal display.
Clicking on "Find" looks up the frequency in the database. ERGO
can profile a block of frequencies, do frequency-to-frequency
scanning, and manage receiver memories.
bulletMap Window (Lower Right). ERGO provides a traditional Mercator
projection, as well as a customized Azimuthal-Equidistant projection
centered on your location. The maps display the signal path,
terminator/grayline, sun location, and auroral ovals (optional, to
assist evaluation of polar paths).
bulletPropagation Window (Lower Left). Propagation is evaluated
between the transmitting and receiving locations and displayed
as either MUF/LUF, Signal Strength or Signal-to-Noise graphs.
You can use the Map and Propagation Windows in real-time with
the currently tuned station, or in Forecast Mode to evaluate
conditions for any level of solar/geomagnetic activity on any date
and time. Notice the peak in signal strength associated with
grayline conditions at sunset in Western Canada.

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