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ERGO DSI (Data Support Interface) links popular and custom databases with ERGO and ERGO Lite. Supported data include ILGRadio Shortwave/Mediumwave databases, the Fineware database, as well as custom databases you can create yourself.  (Note: We are informed that Klingenfuss has stopped providing the BC database in the accessible dBase format on their 2000 Super Frequency CD.)

Product Features

Take a look at a screen capture.

bulletMost of our customers use the ILGRadio Shortwave or Mediumwave databases.
bulletUse databases to control your receiver or evaluate propagation. DSI automatically links with ERGO or ERGO Lite.
bulletFilter, Sort and Display records. Find out what stations are on your receiver frequency - one click in ERGO looks up records in DSI. Control your receiver from DSI - either by entering a frequency or clicking on a record (ERGO must be running).
bulletOne click to show "What's On Now."
bulletTransfer information from supported DSI databases into your ERGO data files.
bulletCreate your own custom databases. You can create your own Paradox or dBase files to control your receiver through ERGO and ERGO DSI - just follow some simple rules listed in the FAQ. (MS Excel can manage files in dBase format, so you could use Excel to manage your custom databases and then provide them to ERGO DSI.)

Although ERGO DSI is a separate program, either ERGO or ERGO Lite will open and close DSI for you.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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