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Many listeners prefer to control their receivers manually, or do not have a receiver with remote control support. ERGO Lite offers all of the capabilities of ERGO, except receiver control. So, with your left hand on the receiver tuning controls and your right hand on the mouse, you have a completely integrated listening environment, even if your receiver does not have remote control capability! See ERGO Lite Screen Capture.

Product Features

ERGO Lite evaluates propagation and path performance to any location. The program is controlled through a series of toolbars, where you can change locations, solar conditions, power and noise levels, and the time of the forecast. Frequency is entered directly from the keyboard. Menu buttons on the Display toolbar open and close the maps and propagation charts.

bulletComprehensive list of international shortwave transmitter locations included, which you can modify.
bulletWhen you click on the map, ERGO Lite will find the nearest location and evaluate propagation and path automatically. Otherwise select a location from a list. Location lists can be filtered to show only locations from a specific country.
bulletLink with databases through ERGO DSI.
bulletInformation displayed includes: MUF/OWF/LUF/, Field Strength, Signal-to-Noise, S-Units, Distance, Bearing, Latitude and Longitude, Power, Gain, Solar Flux/SSN, K Index.
bulletProvides audio reminders for every quarter hour, for WWV/WWVH Propagation Information, and for program changes every half hour (Option).
bulletRecord or playback audio with built-in Sound Control.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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