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ERGO Net is our companion program which provides propagation and time information over the Internet. Features include an updated propagation report every 3 hours, automatic updating of Solar Flux and K Index parameters, and automatic synchronization of your PC clock to a network time standard.

Product Features

ERGO Net is a tray application, it runs in the background, with an icon showing in the system tray. Its main features are as follows, each under your control:

bulletA regular Propagation Report is delivered to your PC every three hours.
bulletThe Solar Flux and K Index parameters are updated in ERGO and ERGO Lite.
bulletYour PC Clock is synchronized with a network time standard.
bulletHot links are provided to a number of home pages with propagation and shortwave broadcast information.
bulletA small window displays the latest UTC time and propagation information on your desktop.

You can instruct Windows to load ERGO Net automatically every time your PC starts. ERGO Net works in the background to keep you up-to-date with propagation and time information. It will use either LAN or Dial-Up internet connections. You can program ERGO Net to update either directly, through a manual update instruction from ERGO or ERGO Lite, or use Windows Task Scheduler.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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