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Purchase ERGO from Universal Radio

Return to Home Page ERGO is available for US$ 99.00 from Universal Radio, Order Number for ERGO is #4474 E-Mail Universal Radio  Universal Radio Home Page

After you have received the product from Universal Radio, please return to this web page and Register your name, e-mail address and Serial Number. Press Here for Secure Registration Form.

Purchase ERGO Directly  visa2.gif (437 bytes)

Use our web site to make a secure purchase using your VISA card. Purchase is made in Canadian dollars.

Product Price
ERGO 4 CDN$135 (approximately US$99)
ERGO Lite (Ergo 4 Without Receiver Control) CDN$35 (approximately US$25)
ERGO 3 Legacy Products Included with ERGO 4

Your comments and suggestions are welcome to info@swldx.com

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